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What we saw in 2016 and expect to see in 2017
At the end of September, a Hackforums user, going by the alias “Anna_Senpai,” posted a link to source code for an Internet of Things botnet called Mirai. Since this botnet was made public, it has been reportedly used in a multitude of large DDoS attacks on a variety of organizations. Mirai” translates from Japanese to “the future.”

In this webinar, Digital Shadows forecasted the DDoS threat landscape for 2017 and discussed:
  • Adversaries’ motivations, including protest, extortion and geopolitical.
  • Scenarios we are likely to see in 2017, as well as the drivers behind the trends.
  • Tips for how organizations can best face these threats.

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Rick Holland
Vice President of Strategy
Digital Shadows

Forecasting the 2017 DDoS Landscape

Adam Lorimer
Intelligence Analyst
Digital Shadows