What Your Attackers Know

Learn how you can achieve an unmatched, 360-degree view of the threats and vulnerabilities that can make your organization susceptible to costly cyber attacks and business disruptions.

During the webinar, James Chappell, co-founder and CTO of Digital Shadows, and Wade Baker, vice president of strategy and risk analytics at ThreatConnect, explain how their solutions work together so you can aggregate, analyze and act on the most relevant security information to your organization.
  • Achieve an “attacker’s eye view” of your exposed data to better protect your brand and your business critical operations
  • Monitor exposed sensitive data and the activity of attackers across the visible, deep and dark web
  • Correlate Digital Shadows’ data on incidents, actors, campaigns and attack techniques with profiles of incidents, threat groups and adversaries managed in ThreatConnect’s platform


A 360-Degree View of Your Threats