Research: Too Much Information

Misconfigured FTP, SMB, Rsync, and S3 Buckets Exposing 1.5 Billion Files

Organizations aren’t focusing enough security resources on understanding and mitigating risks associated with their external digital footprints and data that is already publicly-available. In a three-month period, Digital Shadows found over 12 petabytes of publicly available data from organizations around the world.

This research explores:
  • The most effected geographies
  • The source of this exposed data across Amazon S3 buckets, rsync,
    SMB, FTP servers, misconfigured websites, and Network Attaches Storage (NAS) devices
  • What percentage of this data was personal employee or customer information
  • How adversaries can use this data to exploit your business and customers
  • What organizations can do to identify what information is exposed of theirs and how to mitigate risk

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