Live Webinar: Harnessing Exposed Data to Enhance Cyber Intelligence

July 18, 2019

Attack methods repeat themselves, and so does how cybercriminals use breached data, such as PII, stolen account details and even compromised admin credentials. Once data is compromised, it can circulate and recirculate on the dark web for years, and be packaged and repackaged for crime, cyberespionage and fraud. Understanding how breached data is used, whether it be to create synthetic identities, take over bank accounts or perpetrate credit card fraud, to name a few, can play a big role in threat-intelligence, too.

Session Overview:

  • Understand how the use of breached data can support threat intelligence
  • Review breached data that attackers may use again
  • Discuss common TTPs that attackers use when repurposing breached data for new attacks


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Harrison Van Riper
     Michael Marriott
Strategy and Research Analyst
Product Marketing Manager
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