Live Webinar with the FBI: Surging Cyber Threats to Watch in 2019

December 18, 2018

The threat landscape is dynamic and 2019 will pose an evolutionary challenge that will test your data security. During this informative session you’ll learn about the cyber threat that is poised to surpass business email compromise as the top threat in 2019. Hear firsthand from FBI Cyber Squad Supervisory Special Agent, Elvis Chan on the cyber threats that you’re most likely to encounter in 2019. You’ll also hear from Harrison Van Riper on cyber threat trends and how to harden your defenses and protect your data.

By attending this session you’ll takeaway:

  • The cyber threats that are emerging as most prominent in 2019
  • Valuable insight into the threat vectors
  • Case examples so you can avoid being a victim
  • How to proactively manage digital and cyber risks to prevent a breach


Elvis Chan Harrison Van Riper
Supervisory Special Agent
Senior Analyst
FBI Cyber Squad Digital Shadows

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