Live Webinar: Dark Web Digest: Gaining Valuable Threat Intelligence from Cybercriminal Forums

May 28

In our latest dark web findings, we have observed notable changes in criminal forum activity and trends. Dark web forums harbor a dynamic environment for criminals looking to buy or sell compromised data, zero-day exploits, and system accesses. This environment and the findings associated with it can uncover how criminals may use your individual or organizational information on the dark web, leading to further compromise, profit loss, data loss, or reputational damage. During this session, we will cover the risk impact of dark web findings, explore the evolution of dark web forums, and trends observed across platforms.

By attending this session, you will take away:

  • Insights into current dark web trends
  • Tactics and techniques attackers use to collect or share your data
  • How to gain visibility into your organization's dark web risk
  • Strategies for fortifying your defenses and mitigating dark web risks



Alex Guirakhoo
Threat Researcher, Team Lead
Digital Shadows

Kacey Clark
Threat Researcher
Digital Shadows

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