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Gaining visibility into your risk is critical to protecting your business and brand. Get free access to the #1 solution for digital risk protection, SearchLight. SearchLight scans the broadest range of sources for potential points of exposure to your business and makes your team more effective by scanning for, vetting, and delivering security events. 

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Test drive is a free, zero-obligation way to get your hands on the industry's #1 Digital Risk Protection solution at your own pace. During the Test Drive you will get unlimited 7-day access to our SearchLight portal where you can access incidents related to phishing attempts, exposed credentials and sensitive data, weaknesses in physical or cloud infrastructure, risks introduced by 3rd parties and partners, and more.

You will also get access to our Shadow Search engine which allows you to search live across the deep/dark and open web sources for potential points of exposure for your organization. Finally, you will be able to explore how our clients action SearchLight incidents including takedown requests, patching vulnerabilities, and integrating with other security controls to eliminate threats and decrease your overall risk surface.